OptimoJoe provides innovative consulting services and customized software for industries that require expertise in computational mathematics and scientific computing. To that end, we are dedicated to providing high-quality, free, open-source software that our clients can easily integrate into their commercial packages. In particular, we specialize in integrating new computational tools into large, existing codes with minimal interference.

  • We provide over a decade of experience in working on engineering and scientific codes

  • Our core technical expertise includes

    • Computational optimization

    • Scientific modeling and simulation

    • High-performance computing and parallel clusters

  • Our software features

    • Options for paid, professional support

    • Open-source BSD licensing

    • Multi-platform support

    • Multi-language support

Joseph Young, Ph.D. works as the president and chief scientist of OptimoJoe. He brings over two decades of experience from work on complex commercial codes in a variety of technical areas.