Innovative Consulting Services And Customized Software

We provide customized consulting services to companies that require expertise in computational mathematics and scientific computing. More specifically, we assist companies in either retrofitting their existing software or creating new software packages that incorporate state of the art algorithms. This includes technical areas such as

  • Optimization algorithms

  • Eigensolvers

  • Linear system solvers

  • Parallelization

Most of the time, neither we nor our customers are interested in using these algorithms in a vacuum. Rather, our emphasis is on creating practical solutions that use modern mathematical tools in order to solve scientific or engineering problems.

One example of our technical assistance is in our support contracts for Optizelle. In this case, we help our customers compile, install, then integrate Optizelle’s algorithms into their application. Then, we tune the behavior of the algorithms until we produce fast, reliable results. Since Optizelle is free, open source software released under a BSD license, our customers can use these algorithms free of charge or licensing fees. Furthermore, our clients benefit from regular updates to the software and algorithms.

We have experience working with a variety of technical industries such as:

  • Robotics

  • Seismic imaging (hydrocarbon exploration)

  • Electrical systems

  • Scientific modelling

In addition, our computing expertise includes parallel clusters, work stations, embedded systems, and cloud platforms.

In support of our customer needs, we offer custom consulting contracts. This potentially includes:

  • Support for all of our open source software

  • Customized software solutions

  • Both on and off-site support

  • Access to our software prior to public release

  • Industry standard intellectual property agreements

For pricing and availability, please contact us.